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1.   SuperMicro Ear Forceps Serrated 0.6×2.0mmEffective Length 75mm

2.   SuperMicro Ear Forceps, Malleus Nipper,0.8×2.0mm Effective Length 75mm

3.   Ear Forceps Serrated Straight 1.0×4.2mmEffective Length 75mm
4.   SuperMicro Ear Forceps Oval Cupped Jaw0.6×0.8mm, Effective Length 75mm
5.   Hartmann Ear Forceps Serrated Open close TipType
6.   Micro Ear Forceps, oval cupper jaws 0.8×1.0mmEffective Length 75mm
7.    Shea Ear Scissors straight blade 6.0mm 75mm
8.    Volkmann Retractor, 3 Prongs, Blunt
9.    Lempert Ear Speculum, for inner ear, nasalspeculum type
10.  Asago ear speculum, inner diameter 4mm Brass
11.  Tissue Forceps, Hook Tip Width 0.6mm length130mm
12.  Dissecting Forceps for surgical hook tip width1.5mm length 130mm
13.  Tissue Forceps, no hook, tip width 0.6mm length130mm
14.  Dissecting Forceps, For Surgical, No hook, TipWidth 1.5mm length 130mm
15.  Lagenbeck Periosteum Raspatory, width 6.5mm
16.  Lagenbeck Periosteal elevator
17.  Lucae Ear Forceps, no Hook
18.  Wullstein Raspatory, Curved
19.  Micro iris Scissor Straight Supercut + Tungsten Carbide115mm
20.  Micro Iris Scissor Curved Supercut + Tungsten Carbide115mm
21.  Small pick left length 180mm
22.  Round Knife, straight 2.5mm Diameter
23.  Sickle Knife for Stapedius Muscle
24.  Round Knife 45* Curved Diameter 1.0mm
25.  Rosen Probe 90* tip length 0.3mm
26.  Pick, Medium, Right, Length 180mm
27.  Rosen Probe 90* Tip length 0.6mm
28.  Pick, Medium, Left, Length 180mm
29.  Rosen Probe, 90* Tip Length 1.0mm

30.  Stainless Steel Sterilizing Box


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